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It’s my birth month bitches.






I’m in a breaks kind of mood today and I’ve been meaning to include these guys from Bristol, UK called Ways and Means. They somehow found me on soundcloud and I’m glad they did! I’ll leave you all with a free preview of a couple of their songs.

Go on and support them and buy their tracks on Beatport all you breaks freaks. 😉

And of course check out their remixes and other songs over at Soundcloud.

New tracks from Fear of Tigers

Sorry so slack ya’ll. The fan is overheating in my laptop so I’ve got to spend less time on the computer for now. 😉

I just found this on facebook, some nu disco tracks from London’s Fear of Tigers.


My personal favorite is the track from Sound of Arrows. *heart shaped pupils*

Proper mashed up!

What a great way to start our week off… a new mix from the Digital Monkey.

Future Productions are bringing him to the east coast of Canada this summer for a few gigs. One I can tell you all is for INDECENT BEHAVIOR! Dates to be announced.

Hurry up July. 😉

New ODahl track

Something disco-y for your speakers. 🙂

James van der Douche

Who am I kidding I love James van der Beek 😛 and Ke$ha (KedollarsignHA)

I heart this video and her songs are so damn catchy. I wish we were pals. *a single tear* I think she’s a provocative, ridiculous and clever pop star. And that’s what makes me still love pop music today. My personal favorite from her is “Cannibal”.

Too catchy. *shakes head*

Black Strobe free download

Exsqueeeeze me for being a lame blogger. Lots on the go so I apologize!

I’ll leave you all with this free download by Black Strobe called “Me and Madonna” I’m in a very Madonna mood today and I was listening to some songs on the Kitsune label and I completely forget about how much I loved this song when it came out! Plenty of remixes on the label that are good but I prefer the original. Can’t get anymore disco/funky/indie than that I’d say.

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